Hiking Holidays in Snowdonia, Wales

Local Attractions in Snowdonia, Wales

Centre for Alternative Technology

More information: Centre for Alternative Technology.

The Centre for Alternative Technology is about 10 minutes’ drive from us. It's an education and visitor centre which demonstrates practical solutions for sustainable living.

A fascinating place, especially so for those interested in green living, environmental building, renewable energy and organic growing.


More information: Portmerion.

Portmerion is a beautiful and famous village about 40 minutes’ drive from us. Built between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village it's best known for serving as "The Village" in popular 60s TV show, The Prisoner.

Harlech Castle

More information: Harlech Castle.

Built between 1283 and 1295 this castle was once connected to the sea but now the sea has receded and left the castle looking almost stranded. It has a fascinating history and is well worth a visit.

Nearby Towns

We are close to several small market towns. Dogellau is about 10 minutes away, Machynlleth is about 15 minutes away and Tywyn about 20 minutes. All have some lovely independent shops.

Twywn has a fantastic independent cinema called The Magic Lantern which we highly recommend if you are here for a few days. There are Art Centres at both Dogellau and Machynlleth and the latter also has a Museum of Modern Art.

Machynlleth hosts a fantastic comedy festival every May. For more details click here.

Romantic getaways and breaks in Snowdonia Wales

Romantic Getaways and Breaks

Enjoy romantic getaways, outdoor adventures, family breaks, and business stays with us. We are the ideal venue for a Honeymoon in Snowdonia - one of the most beautiful, scenic parts of the UK. ....

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