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Special dietary requirements

At Dolffanog Fach we are more than happy to cater for specialist diets. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Intolerant, Vegetarian and Vegan diets are no problem at all, providing we know in advance of your stay.


Our cooked breakfast menu is extensive and as standard caters for gluten free (our sausages and beans are always GF) and we have several Vegetarian Options. With advance notice we can provide homemade Gluten Free or Dairy free breakfast muffins, bread, Dairy Free Yoghurts, GF Cereal and muesli.


Our Suppers consist of a 2 course set menu which is planned on the day depending on all our guests individual dietary requirements. For this reason we cannot tell you the menu in advance but you can see a selection of sample menus here. Most of our meals can be adapted to make them gluten or dairy free and if any of our guests are Vegetarian or Vegan then a separate main course will be prepared for them.

Afternoon Tea

This is more of a challenge for gluten/dairy free or Vegan guests but we have various options including crudites and dips instead of sandwiches and a selection of fruit based treats instead of cake.

Packed Lunches and Picnics

We can offer salad bowls instead of sandwiches and a selection of Gluten/Dairy free/Vegan or Vegetarian goodies to fill you up at lunchtime.

Please note that while we take the utmost care to ensure all food prepared by us is free from whatever ingredient necessary, our kitchen is a domestic one and while every effort is made to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee an environment free from the particular ingredient you need to avoid.

If you suffer from food allergies, please contact us before your stay so we can fully explain our kitchen set up and make sure your needs can be met.

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